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Cosplayer Makes Zendaya's Joan Of Arc Met Gala Dress

This YouTuber and cosplayer crafted the Joan of Arc dress worn by Zendaya at Met Gala 2018.

Rachel Maksy (left) wearing her recreated Joan of Arc dress that was worn by Zendaya at the 2018 Met Gala (right)
Rachel Maksy (left) wearing her recreated Joan of Arc dress that was worn by Zendaya at the 2018 Met Gala (right). (Zendaya Image Courtesy Buzzfeed)

One of the best dresses at the 2018 Met Gala was without a doubt Zendaya's Joan of Arc dress. She took the Heavenly Bodies theme that year and stole the runway with her armored dress (and who doesn't want to see women in armor?). The dress caught the attention of many celebrities that year, including Tom Holland, but it also resonated with the fans as well.

One fan and YouTube influencer, Rachel Maksy, loved the dress so much she decided this year to recreate Zendaya's iconic look.

Rachel made a 25-minute long YouTube tutorial on her channel explaining why she wanted to make the dress and the process to recreate it. "I have a very tangible fascination with Joan of Arc," Rachel said in her video. "There's just something about women in shining armor."

She starts off by drawing the dress on paper and looking at the different pieces that were used for the actor. She then uses worbla for all of the armor and begins with the neck piece and works her way down to the thigh armor. For the thigh armor she made them move with her legs by attaching fabric to the piece of worbla, much like what Zendaya's armor had done on the Met Gala carpet.

Her fabric used was a chainmail design from Mood Fabrics that certainly has the shine look to it. She also continued the armor by painting it with plastidip, then silver paint, and finally adding bits of weathering to make it look like it had been worn in a battle.

Rachel's final product looks absolutely stunning, complete with taking photos and videos at an actual castle. She does go for more practical shoes than heels, which is certainly easier to slay your enemies.

She did mention in her video that it started downpouring during the shoot and she was completely drenched by the time they completed the shoot. Nevertheless, this dress was a dream come true for her and a project she was able to tackle in 2020.

Her recreated Joan of Arc dress is truly spectacular and who knows what dream dresses she will continue to wear in the future.

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