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Cosplayers Create Jetski Scene With Mobius And Loki

Seeing these Loki and Mobius cosplayers on a jetski makes us hope this will happen in the Marvel show.

Loki and Mobius on Jetski
Images Courtesy Captcash on Instagram

The hit Marvel series, Loki, on Disney Plus has almost come to an end with the final episode premiering this Wednesday. Not only has the series been one of the most-watched Marvel TV series so far, but it's also been quite a wild ride as Loki battles with the TVA.

Perhaps one of the newest fan-favorite characters is that of Mobius, played by Owen Wilson. This quirky TVA agent is determined to give our variant Loki a second chance in order to hunt down another variant of himself. But one of the absolute greatest things about Mobius is how all he wants to do throughout the entire series is to ride a jetski.

Luckily, it didn't take fans long to embrace Mobius' dream of riding on a jetski. From photoshopped images of Owen Wilson on a jetski to full artwork, the love of Mobius and his jetski dream is going strong throughout the fandom.

It's no surprise that cosplayers were determined to recreate the scene that so many want to see happen. But one cosplayer took it a step further. Captcash, a Pittsburgh-based cosplayer, put together a Mobius cosplay after the first couple episodes of the series. He then got his friend SkinWalkerCos as Loki to come with him to a jetski rental center in the city to fully embrace Mobius' love for wanting to ride a jetski.

The two got their photo taken on the jetski by softfilter_photography, and after posting it to social media, it became an instant hit. On reddit, the post got over 19,000 up-votes, while on his Instagram the post has amassed over 14,000 likes. Viewers from around the world wrote in the comments how much they loved the cosplay, with some saying, "this needs to be how Loki ends."

We can only imagine what the jetski rental place, Steel City Jetski Rentals, thought the moment Captcash and SkinWalkerCos walked into their facility asking to rent a jetski just for this photo. Seriously, props to these two cosplayers because they basically just made the rental shop famous.

We hope that these two cosplayers continue to dress up as these two and cannot wait to see more cosplays in the future!

Loki is currently streaming on Disney Plus.

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