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Cosplayers Want To Cosplay Scarlet Witch's New Outfit In WandaVision

Many cosplayers have already started making the amazing new look for Scarlet Witch.

Scarlet Witch New Outfit On WandaVision
Courtesy WandaVision on Disney Plus

Last Friday was the season finale of Marvel's WandaVision, which brought many tears and excitement for the future of the MCU. Fans of the Scarlet Witch were overjoyed at the new outfit revealed for Wanda Maximoff in the finale, complete with the iconic headpiece that has been upgraded to MCU status.

It's no surprise that many cosplayers saw the new outfit and immediately started thinking of ways to cosplay the new look. Cosplayers have already been making her Halloween look and other outfits from past MCU films, but the finale's Scarlet Witch look was a new challenge entirely.

Over on Etsy, 3D printing experts have been making STL files for the headpiece so that it can easily be printed. One printer by the name of Valentine Costumes on Etsy has even gone one step further and designed both the headpiece and the belt buckle that is worn on the bottom of her torso piece.

Over on Instagram, cosplayers have also been getting started on the rest of her outfit. One cosplayer by the name of Madsfive spent three days making the crown and torso piece immediately after the finale aired. The top and crown were both made with EVA foam, and she even showed off her progress over the weekend on her social media.

Two other crafters, Knightley_Kreations_ and Armored Heart Cosplay, have also put together the torso piece out of EVA foam in record time. These cosplayers are certainly not wasting any time putting the cosplay together.

With so many cosplayers already working on her new outfit, it's only a matter of time before we see a cosplayer come out with the complete outfit from the show. We can't wait to see more Scarlet Witch cosplays as more and more work on creating her new look.

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