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FFXIV Cosplayer Makes Incredible Dark Knight Cosplay

Little Jem's Dark Knight cosplay looks like she walked directly out of Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV Dark Knight Cosplay
Images Courtesy Little Jem (Twitter)

Final Fantasy XIV, the world's largest MMO, has announced their new Endwalker expansion that is set to release in Fall 2021. The popular MMO has gained over 22 million players and with the new expansion, the number of players is only going to increase.

With FFXIV having one of the highest rated MMO expansions and incredible story, it's no surprise that many cosplayers actively play the game. Some even create amazing cosplays that look like they came out of the world of Eorzea. Now, another cosplayer has created a FFXIV that easily looks like a real life version of the game.

Cosplayer Little Jem completed her Dark Knight cosplay and posted photos of it on Twitter and Instagram. The Dead Hive Claymore was crafted using foam, LEDs, a smoke machine, and a wood rod for the base. The claymore also lights up with different colors and reacts to motion and sound. She even showed off the claymore's features in a video on Twitter.

Her armor is based on the Physeos Set of Fending, a set of armor that one can get in the Stormblood expansion in the Eureka Anemos. The armos is one of the only glowy armor sets in the game, and Little Jem certainly made it glow through the use of LEDs and foam.

Little Jem then took photos of the cosplay herself, showing off the full armor and claymore in all its epicness.

Little Jem is also planning on putting together a tutorial for the Dead Hive Claymore, and we cannot wait to see all the little details in crafting such an amazing prop! To see more of Little Jem's work, be sure to follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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