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Final Fantasy VII Remake Voice Actress Strikes Again With Her Aerith Cosplay

Briana White cosplayed Aerith's iconic red dress from the FFVII Remake!

Aerith Cosplay by Briana White (voice actress)
Actress Briana White (image courtesy Twitter) and Aerith (the character she voices) from Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Last year, Final Fantasy VII Remake actress Briana White cosplayed as Aerith and the internet immediately went wild for her look. The actress, who voices the English version of Aerith in the game, was already wowing fans with her look. Now, Briana White has taken one step further and decided to cosplay her character's red dress that is a wearable option for Aerith in the game.

Briana tweeted the cosplay on the launch day of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, an upgraded version of the game that includes DLC with character Yuffie Kisaragi. The game also features a new ending to the game that certainly sets up a sequel.

The cosplay was hand-made by cosplayer Reagan Kathryn, who had offered to make it for Briana last year. She had originally planned to make it last year for her, but had to delay the cosplay due to Covid-19. Reagan spent countless hours handsewing the dress as well as numerous fittings with Briana to make sure that the dress would fit her perfectly.

Reagan wanted to be extra sparkly so she hand-sewed beaded, flower lace to the dress. Once the dress was completed, she styled the wig with a lot of Got2B Glued hairspray. She also added flowers to the hair which was the perfect touch to the whole look. She even did a full YouTube video showing how she made the dress, which you can watch below.

The photos were taken by photographer Martin Wong, who also did the photos for Briana's first Aerith look. He also created an entire cosplay photoshoot video with Briana where she talks about her voice acting for Aerith as well as her streaming of Final Fantasy VII Remake. The video also goes behind-the-scenes of the shoot with some great locations that could easily be back alleys of Wall Market. You can see the photoshoot video and the behind-the-scenes below.

One of our favorite set of photos from the shoot is definitely her photos with the chairs. In the game, Aerith uses a folding chair to hit some of the bodyguards of Corneo and it's certainly one of the best scenes in FFVII Remake. Luckily, Martin Wong went to Home Depot and got an actual folding chair so they could recreate the scene and they are absolutely perfect.

With her last cosplay she said that she wasn't able to get videos of her saying Aerith lines in cosplay but wanted to do it in the future. She certainly kept her promise because in the YouTube videos she says some iconic lines from the game.

We love that Briana is fully embracing Aerith by cosplaying multiple looks from her in the game! Who knows if more of the FFVII Remake voice actors will follow in her footsteps and cosplay their characters as well. Only time will tell!

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