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Frozone Cosplay Braves The Northeast's Snowstorm For Epic Photos

New York cosplayer CosPlayNay cosplays as Frozone from The Incredibles.

Frozone From The Incredibles Cosplay
Photos Courtesy CosPlayNay

The northeastern states of the U.S. have been getting hit hard with a massive snowstorm in the last 24 hours, with schools being canceled and a winter storm warning in effect across several states. But one cosplayer saw the weather as an opportunity to bring smiles to people around the country by wearing his Frozone cosplay in the storm.

Cosplayer CosPlayNay decided to brave the storm for some truly epic photos. He put on his Frozone cosplay and headed out into the snow and wind in New York and posed in between the buildings.

With the strong winds blowing snow into the air and across the ground, CosPlayNay was able to get some incredible photos where he looks like he's actually using Frozone's superpowers.

CosPlayNay had also found himself sliding down a snowy hill on the superhero's iconic snowboard later that day. The kids who had brought their sleds for some winter fun quickly noticed CosPlayNay as Frozone and were ecstatic to see him.

"[They called me] Hey Iceman! Hey Mr. Freeze! Hey Frozone! You're that guy from the cartoon!" CosPlayNay told Cosplay Central. "They kept asking 'Hey Frozone are you cold?!' and I responded with 'I'm never cold, just cool.'"

Frozone From The Incredibles Cosplay
CosPlayNay sliding down a hill as Frozone.

When asked why he wanted to cosplay as Frozone, CosPlayNay explained that he felt like he connected to the character.

"Aside from my love for The Incredibles, I strongly feel more black super heroes need to be recognized, acknowledged and shown on the silver screen," CosPlayNay told Cosplay Central. "Frozone is one of the coolest characters (no pun intended. He's tall, dark, average build, funny, witty, stylish, loves the kids, loves the people and overall a character/person a lot of people can genuinely relate."

Frozone From The Incredibles Cosplay
CosPlayNay posing for a selfie as Frozone.

CosPlayNay normally attends pop culture conventions such as New York Comic Con in cosplays like Spider-Man and Miles Morales. While conventions are still postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CosPlayNay is excited for them to return when it's safe to do so.

"I’m excited to see and interact with PEOPLE again! And I don’t mean 10-20 people that I have seen during this pandemic. I’m talking bout the masses! I wanna slap fives and embrace the people I don’t get to see often. I’ve witnessed the conventions and this community has helped form a lot meaningful friendships."

He told Cosplay Central that the cosplay community is what inspires him. "I would just like to say thank you to the cosplay community for always being supportive. There’s so many dope cosplayers out there that inspire me."

You can follow CosPlayNay and support his cosplays on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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