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Kayla Erin Goes Viral In Her Resident Evil Cosplay As Daniela

The new character from Resident Evil Village got a cosplay makeover.

Resident Evil Village Cosplay
Photo Courtesy Kayla Erin (Twitter) and Capcom

Capcom released the third trailer for their newest video game, Resident Evil Village, on Saturday and fans are already speculating what the story is going to entail. The trailer revealed new character such as Alcina Dimitrescu, the mistress of the castle, as well as her "daughter" Daniela.

These lady vampires have certainly captured the attention of the internet, with cosplayers already looking at the characters and figuring out how to cosplay them. One cosplayer from Australia named Kayla Erin quickly jumped on the Resident Evil bandwagon by making a cosplay of Daniela two days after the official trailer.

The post quickly went viral on Twitter with over 164,000 likes and 15,000 retweets. Fans wrote in the comments how they thought her cosplay could easily have been one of the sisters in the game and how well it looked next to the screenshot.

She also got her girlfriend to dress up as Alcina Dimitrescu earlier today, making them both look like two powerful vampires who certainly don't need guys like Ethan Winters running around in their castle (or maybe they do, being vampires and all).

Kayla also posted an entire makeup stream on her Twitch for other cosplayers and fans who were interested in seeing how she put the makeup together. The entire cosplay is overall stunning and we're excited to see if Kayla and her girlfriend continue to bring all the Resident Evil Village hype with future cosplays.

Resident Evil Village comes out on Xbox, Steam, and PlayStation on May 7, 2021.

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