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Propmaker Shows How To Make Scarlet Witch's Headpiece With EVA Foam

Odin Makes has created a YouTube tutorial on how to make the new Scarlet Witch headpiece from WandaVision.

Scarlet Witch New Headpiece WandaVision
Courtesy Marvel Studios & Odin Makes

Since WandaVision's finale, many cosplayers have been eager to cosplay her new look. Some cosplayers finished the cosplay a mere 3 days after the finale aired, while others have been figuring out how to recreate it with other techniques such as needlework and casting.

For those who are looking to start off with her headpiece and want to work with EVA foam, you're in luck. Propmaker Odin Makes, known for his numerous cosplay skills such as making an Among Us cosplay and the Black Knight from Monty Python, has now come out with a video explaining how to make Scarlet Witch's headpiece out of EVA foam.

Odin uses a piece of foam for the base followed by smaller pieces to create the design. After everything has been glued down and is in place, he added a smaller piece of foam on the inside to help keep the shape. He then cuts down all the edges and sands them down with a dremel to round out the front more like the headpiece in the show.

Once everything is in shape, Odin paints the headpiece with a dark red and black for the inner pieces. He finishes the headpiece with a coat of Mod Podge to seal the paint, followed by a string to wrap around the head and keep it in place.

Odin also posted a link to the pattern in the description of his video so Wanda cosplayers can recreate the look as well.

If you're wanting to know how to make her headpiece with resin and a 3D printer, we will be coming out with a fully detailed tutorial in the next week. Be on the lookout for this new tutorial in the near future!

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