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Raya And The Last Dragon Cosplay Looks Straight From The Film

This Southeast Asian team collaborated to bring us an incredible live action Raya from the new Disney animated movie.

Raya and the Last Dragon Cosplay
Monica Joelle Ortiz as Raya from Raya and the Last Dragon. Photography by Duy Truong.

Disney's new movie Raya and the Last Dragon is set to release in theaters and on Disney Plus March 5th and fans are already eager to see the new movie. Many have already applauded the film for being accurate and representative to Southeast Asian culture. Now, a group of Southeast Asian artists have taken it one step further and made a series of photos and videos that look straight from a live action movie.

Monica Joelle Ortiz recently posted on her Twitter and Instagram a photo of her new Raya cosplay, which was a massive collaboration of creators who are from Vietnamese and Filipino descent.

The photos have already been a hit on both social media platforms, with over 12,000 likes on Twitter and 5,000 likes on Instagram. "To have a princess I can truly identify with ethnically and culturally is such an amazing feeling," Monica wrote on her Instagram post. "Raya is the Southeast Asian princess little me would’ve loved more than anything, but adult me is still living!"

The wig was made by Evermore Wigs (@evermorewigs), who are known to make wigs online for many different Disney princesses. The Salakot hat was made by seamstress Shilyn Joy (@shilynsews) and made it as accurate to the film as well as worn throughout Southeast Asian societies. The outfit was made by Duy Truong (@cafededuy) and Nam (@Nammai). Up-close photos of the outfit were posted by Duy, which shows some of the many details that went into crafting the vest and shirt.

The photography was also done by Duy, while the videography was done by Nicalyn (@tripalyn). Monica also credits Joel Junior (@joeljustinjr) for moral support to help her throughout the collaboration. Some of the videos by Nicalyn were posted on Monica's Instagram, with one showing off how spectacular Monica looks as Raya.

You can follow Monica on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter for new content from this collab, and be sure to catch Raya and the Last Dragon in theaters or through premiere access on Disney Plus March 5.

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