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Cosplayers Host Record-Breaking Smurf Gathering

That’s a lot of smurfs!

Smurf Gathering
Agence France-Presse

Despite the cancellations of large gatherings around the world, France was still ready to spring to action and break a world record. A total of 3,549 people dressed up in the smurf look in western France to attempt to break the World Record. Germany held the previous record 2,762 in 2019, but the French were ready to step it up and bring nearly 800 more people to break Germany’s record

Each cosplay dressed in blue and white clothing, painted blue skin, and the iconic white or red Prygian cap. Stores around the town of Landerneau, France were selling out of the caps, paint supplies, and clothing as people from around the area came in to attend the event.

“As French people we wouldn’t give up on our attempt to break the record,” one man dressed as a smurf said in an AFP video of the event. “And now we’re the champions of the world!”

This is not the first time a group of cosplayers have come together to break a Guinness World Record. In September 2018, Sweden hosted the record of having the largest gathering of people dressed as Spider-Man. The number of Spider-Mans on record was 547. Video-game convention MAGFest near Washington D.C. also hosted the World Record of having the largest gathering of wizards. Their world-breaking number was 440 people in full wizard cosplay.

Who knows which Guinness World Record cosplayers will break next!

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