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This Lady Dimitrescu Cosplay From Resident Evil Village Is Stunning

Danielle DeNicola looks menacing as Resident Evil's newest villain.

Lady Dimitrescu Cosplay from Resident Evil Village
Courtesy Danielle DeNicola on Twitter

The developers at Capcom for Resident Evil Village castly underestimated the internet's craze for Lady Dimitrescu, the franchise's newest character. After the Art Director posted her official height on their Twitter page (9'6"), the memes and fanart for the character only grew.

While it's near impossible to cosplay Lady Dimitrescu with her actual height (unless you want to walk around on stilts), cosplayers are still loving the new character so much that they are cosplaying her with incredible looks.

Cosplay influencer Danielle DeNicola has already put together a Lady Dimitrescu cosplay in the last week and it took to the internet by storm. Complete with an off-white dress, wide-brim hat, and dark rose brooch, she really looks the part.

Danielle had also taken the cosplay one step further by adding her claws seen in the recent trailer. The claws appear to have been crafted using black worbla, which worked perfectly and really added to the overall look.

The photos, which were taken by David Love Photography, also helped bring to life the internet's new favorite tall vampire lady. By taking photos that were angled up at Danielle, it make it appear like she really is 9'6".

Fans of Danielle were quick to respond to Danielle's cosplay, with many of them praising her for putting together the cosplay so quickly. "I still can't get over the fact that the cosplay itself looked EXACTLY LIKE THIS pre-editing??? Like. you made that in 5hrs??? THE TALENT," one Twitter user wrote.

Others commented by adding more Lady Dimitrescu memes and talking more about the character and how Danielle looks like as the character. Overall, the Twitter post garnered over 69,000 likes and 11,000 retweets. Over on Instagram, the response was just as big with over 60,000 likes over several posts.

Danielle also posted a video showcasing the cosplay on her YouTube channel, where you can see just how much she tries to embody the character in real life.

We absolutely love seeing Lady Dimitrescu cosplays and cannot wait to see more and more cosplayers cosplay as her in the future. If you're interested in cosplaying as Lady Dimitrescu, you can check out our full guide here.

Resident Evil Village comes out on Xbox, Steam, and PlayStation on May 7, 2021.

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