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World of Warcraft Cosplayer Makes Epic Cosplay Wings Tutorial

Plexi Cosplay's new Kyrestia cosplay from World of Warcraft is also the new face for her guide on cosplay wings.

World of Warcraft Cosplay Plexi
Photo Courtesy Plexi Cosplay

Plexi Cosplay took the cosplay stage by storm in 2019 when she debuted her Darksiders 3 cosplay at New York Comic Con. Now, she's back and better than ever with her new World of Warcraft cosplay and even a full tutorial on how to make cosplay wings.

Her new cosplay is Kyrestia the Firstborne of Bastion from World of Warcraft, where she made an entirely new outfit while taking her motorized wings from her Pride cosplay and incorporating it into her new one.

Her Kyrestia cosplay was made for fun to start off the new year, which is a nice break from competing in online contests. The copslay quickly went viral on Twitter, with even the official World of Warcraft Twitter retweeting the photo. Fans online commended her for the cosplay and many wrote about how beautiful and epic the build looked.

But that wasn't all that Plexi Cosplay had done. She also decided that her new Kyrestia cosplay would be the fact of her new YouTube series about how to create her beautiful cosplay wings that has been seen online and around the world.

The YouTube series will consist of two parts: one for the backplate and electronics and the other for creating the feathers and overall look. Her first video about how to make the backplate/electronics is up now on YouTube and has commentary featuring her husband, who has helped immensely with the mechanics of the wings' build.

You can check out the first video below.

Be sure to follow Plexi Cosplay for more cosplay wing guides and don't forget to check out her tutorials here on Cosplay Central such as how to add LEDs to cosplay and how to texture EVA foam.
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