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Cosplay Master Class - Cosplay Armor

Join Vampy Bit Me for a complete guide to Cosplay Armor making!

Join Vampy Bit Me for a complete guide to Cosplay Armor making! From getting started on your project, to which material and getting that perfect finish. This edition of our Cosplay Master Class series is part of Metaverse, make sure to check out the website from June 7-13, 2021, for a variety of panels across your favorite fandoms, the chance to submit questions for panelists and voice actors, as well as paid experiences and new merch!

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  • Part 1: How to start
    Want to get into cosplay and don't know where to start? This panel will go over briefly all you need to know before you get started into your cosplay adventure!
  • Part 2: Materials
    Armor making is a ton of fun, but did you know there is more than just one material that you can use for a certain result? This episode will go over the basics and also suggestions for all your armor making needs!
  • Part 3: 101 Armor Patterning
    VampyBitMe guides you through various shapes to get different forms, and how to manipulate any material to do what you want, to create the cosplay of your dreams.
  • Part 4: Glues and Adhesives
    Putting together your armor masterpiece should be a breeze after taking this panel. Vampy will show you the different glues/adhesives you can choose to use when putting together your armor.
  • Part 5: Paint and seal
    Wonder how some cosplayers get a certain effect with their armor? Find out all about the different paints, sealants, and ways you can go about making your armor finish stand out.
  • Part 6: Live Q&A
    Join our Live Q&A to ask advice for your project from VampyBitMe

Vampy Bit Me Interview

About Vampy Bit Me

Vampy Bit Me is a professional cosplayer originally from a small town in Oklahoma. She had her own show with The Nerdist after she was found by Japanese company Kotobukiya and featured in OTACOOL 2 With Danny Choo. She has been featured on Marvel.com, and partnered with Capcom as their Morrigan and Juri cosplayer, and most recently featured on CNN, “24 hours in the life of a Worldwide cosplayer”. In her free time, she loves to build Gundams, playing Monster Hunter, and loves crafting costumes. You can find her at local hobby shops buying all their model kits.

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