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Cosplay Master Class - Historical Costume for Cosplay

Join Woodsmoke and Words for a look into Historical Costume to inspire your cosplay

Whether you have been inspired by Bridgerton, want to create a historical inspired costume for an OC or need help identifying costume pieces for a character from a distinct period, this master class with Woodsmoke and Words will take a deep dive into styles through the ages, a look at historical corsets and stays (including how they should feel and fit comfortably) and which fabrics and fibres will give your costumes an authentic feel, even on a budget.

You can find all the episodes on our YouTube Channel

  • Part 1 - Historical Fabrics & Natural Fibres
    Silk, wool, cotton, linen, polyester, or viscose -Which fabric should you use for your costume? Join Woodsmoke and Words for an exploration of the fabrics and fibres that will give your costumes an authentic feel, even on a budget.
  • Part 2 - Corsets, Stays and Pairs of Bodies
    The right foundation will make a difference to any historical look. In part 2 of our Historical costume master class Woodsmoke and Words explores the differences between the different types of historical foundation garment and busts some myths about how they feel and fit
  • Part 3 and 4 - Dress Through the Ages
    Take a deep dive through the ages of fashion from medieval to the late 19th century with Woodsmoke and Words, as they take you through the most popular styles for each era and identify key garments to help you build your own historical costume

The series finished with live a live chat with Woodsmoke and Words on YouTube

Woodsmoke and Words as Nikolai Lantsov cosplay from the Shadow and Bone Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo.

About Woodsmoke and Words

Tilda is a non-binary cosplayer from the UK, they are a hatmaker and costumier for the film and theatre industry by trade and studied Costume Interpretation at university, focusing heavily on dress history and historical construction techniques. They have been cosplaying for almost twelve years and tend to focus on detailed high fantasy and historical costumes from a wide range of media including books, video games and live-play tabletop gaming shows, as well as films and tv shows.
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