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Michaels Presents Armor Speed-Build & Tutorial With Plexi Cosplay

Join Plexi Cosplay in as she speed-builds a Wonder Woman corset in just 1 hour while getting insight from cosplay friends!

It's hard enough to build a cosplay, it's even harder to speed build one in an hour! Plexi Cosplay puts together an entire Wonder Woman corset using EVA foam while getting insight about cosplaying from her fellow cosplayers Hayley (mothchildcc), Patrick Benson (pbenson1167), and Geeky Gamer Girl Cosplay.

Plexi Cosplay uses Michaels-sponsored products. Michaels now has their very own cosplay section both online and in select stores throughout the country. In this particular build, Plexi uses fellow cosplayer Kamui Cosplay's patterns and cuts them out on Artminds 4 mm EVA foam for the base.

To glue the pieces together, Plexi uses Barge All-Purpose Toluene Free Cement, which is essentially an even stronger version of rubber cement. This product is especially useful for gluing foam and making sure that it can bend while moving around in the cosplay. For the smaller detail pieces at the top and bottom of the corset, she uses some 12” x 18” Foam Sheets by Creatology™. Using 2 mm foam for details is usually the way to go so the cosplay doesn't look too bulky.

Plexi puts the final touches of the cosplay by spraying down the corset with Plasti Dip® Craft Rubber Coating. This is used so that the cosplay is sealed before it can be painted. When painting the Wonder Woman corset, she paints with DecoArt Americana Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paint. This paint comes in many different colors, including metallic colors if you are looking to make foam appear like armor. The final touches of the corset are added with a gloss finish from Aleene's® Spray Acrylic Sealer™. Always make sure to seal the paint, otherwise it can start to rub off rather quickly after wearing!

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Candace Birger is a mother, wife, full-time marketer, DecoArt ambassador, and professional cosplayer from Maryland. She began her cosplay journey in 2017 and has since earned several first-place awards including her most recent 1st place in the armor category at New York Comic Con Eastern Regional Championships. Known as PlexiCosplay, you will often find her in the cosplay competition circuits where she feels most driven and ambitious in her costume design work.