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Once Upon A Cosplay: Dark Souls Offers Salvation

One cosplayer explains how playing Solaire of Astora helps ease his anxiety.

As we all know, cosplaying is more than simply dressing up. It's a creative outlet. It's a community. For cosplayers, it's a reflection of themselves. And for some, cosplay's meanings go even deeper than that. When we met with a cosplayer named Travis at C2E2, we discussed how cosplaying as Solaire of Astora from Dark Souls eases his social anxiety, which can easily be crippling to some. He surely isn't the only cosplayer whose art can impact their health in positive ways, whether it be it mental health or physical health.

The impressive costume is mostly comprised of PVC and high-density foam, with steel for the chainmail. He also gives us a preview of his next cosplay...did someone say Batman and samurai?

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