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Actor Jamie Lee Curtis To Cosplay As Jaina Proudmoore From World of Warcraft

The actor will be wearing a Jaina Proudmoore cosplay for her daughter's wedding.

Jamie Lee Curtis at the Oscars 2022 (left) and Jaina Proudmore from World of Warcraft (right)
Jamie Lee Curtis at the Oscars 2022 (left) and Jaina Proudmore from World of Warcraft (right). Courtesy Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images & Blizzard Entertainment.

Last week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jamie Lee Curtis revealed on the show that she was officiating her daughter’s cosplay wedding. The award-winning actor told the talk show host that she would be cosplaying as Jaina Proudmoore, a notable character in the World of Warcraft universe.

Jamie’s youngest daughter, Ruby, is getting married in May to her fiancée Cynthia. “I am officiating [and] it is a cosplay wedding,” Jamie told Jimmy Kimmel. “It means you wear a costume. You dress up as something.”

Both Ruby and Cynthia picked out Jamie’s cosplay, which will be Jaine Proudmoore from World of Warcraft. “It’s from a game. I don’t know. She’s an admiral,” Jamie said when explaining the popular character.

Jamie also explained that her cosplay is coming from an Etsy seller in Russia, who has told her the difficulties of shipping to the US while Russia is at war with Ukraine.

“About a month ago — two to three weeks ago — I got an email from her. She said, 'There may be a delay in sending the costume,” Jamie explained. “I’m hoping she’ll get it to me. I just don’t know if – there’s a little bit of a supply chain issue going on right now. And things are sort of held up now.”

While it is not certain whether or not Jamie will get the cosplay in time, she’s still very excited to see her daughter get married in her own backyard.

We hope we’ll be able to see photos from the wedding and the extravagant cosplays that will be worn at the big event.

Jamie Lee Curtis is currently starring on Everything Everywhere All at Once, which is currently in theatres.

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