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Critical Role Cosplayer Tells Why Her Mollymauk Cosplay Is Special

This Critical Role cosplay by Ellyn Kerchenski shows all the hard work and love she has to the character.

Critical Role has quickly become one of the biggest Dungeons and Dragons shows on the internet. Since it's beginning in 2015, the series has gone through two different campaigns and created a wide fanbase. Not only has it become such a big web series, but it also has its own comic books and merchandise. It has even partnered with stores such as Hot Topic to sell merchandise at their stores across the country.

The cast of Critical Role has also been known to cosplay as their own characters from the series, which has inspired many cosplayers to also follow in their footsteps. Cosplayers from around the world have created incredible cosplays of the many different characters from the show.

One such Critical Role cosplayer, Ellyn Kerchenski, shows all the hard work and love she has to the character of Mollymauk Tealeaf. She has been working on this cosplay for almost a year and keeps upgrading it every so often. Ellyn also explains that Mollymauk means a lot to her because of his "freedom of expression and not caring who he is trying to impress".

Ellyn's Mollymauk cosplay is certainly a site to behold. We would love to see more of her upgrades and cosplays in the future!

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