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Cosplayer Brings Holiday Cheer With Her Raven Cosplay

Kaelynn Ranae cosplays as DC's Raven and makes her festive.

Kaezuko.cos as Raven (courtesy Instagram) and Raven from Teen Titans (courtesy Cartoon Network)
Kaezuko.cos as Raven (courtesy Instagram) and Raven from Teen Titans (courtesy Cartoon Network)

With Holiday Matsuri, the country's biggest anime convention in December, being canceled this year due to COVID-19, many cosplayers have been turning to social media to help spread holiday cheer. While many cosplayers are rushing to cosplay from The Mandalorian this December, others are turning to different fandoms and putting a holiday-twist into their cosplays.

Cosplayer Kaylynn Ranae, known on Instagram as Kaezuko.cos, decided to take Teen Titan's Raven and make her a little more festive for the holiday season. With a red and white cloak and green leotard, Kaelynn made the normally brooding character to have a little more of the Christmas spirit.

The cosplay was made by Kaelynn specifically for the season, which was well-received by her fans. Raven's cloak is normally a dark purple, but she decided to make it look more like a fluffy holiday cloak. The cloak had been made last year for her Raven cosplay, and she revamped it with a green leotard. The bodysuit also matched with her belt and wrist pieces, all while still donning the Raven makeup and wig.

Kaelynn is also no stranger to cosplaying Raven. She has been cosplaying the character at least since last year, and has improved the look with each new cosplay.

Kaelynn's Raven has certainly put us in the holiday spirit and we can't wait to see more of her Raven cosplays in the future! And who knows what other holiday looks cosplayers will decide to create for the season.

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