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Send Us Your Questions For Cosplay Central’s The Panel: ‘No Stupid Questions’ Edition

Top cosplayers will answer your questions, big and small!

Cosplay Central's The Panel: No Stupid Questions
Cosplay Central's The Panel: No Stupid Questions

Have you ever wanted to know how to pose for cosplay photos? What about which fabric to use? Or need advice about how to start cosplaying? Now you can ask all your questions – from beginner to advanced – to some of the biggest names in the cosplay community, without embarrassment or judgment! We are teaming up with cosplayers Danielle DeNicola, CutiePieSensei, IvyDoomKitty, Camislyce, KieraPlease, Odin Makes, and Ginny Di to answer all the cosplay questions you may have.

Each of these cosplayers have been in the community for years, and are knowledgeable in all different crafting fields such as propmaking, LEDs, EVA foam construction, worbla, needlework, makeup, 3D printing, and even mechanical articulating wings. They can give you advice for all the latest and greatest materials that are now on the market, or even ways to save for supplies when you’re on a budget.

These seven cosplayers will be contributing to ReedPOP’s Metaverse event, happening from August 13-16, through our Panel video series to answer your inquiries surrounding cosplay. To submit a question, please send an email to contact@cosplaycentral.com

. From there, we will send your questions over to our panels for them to answer. If you’re wanting to ask a question to a specific cosplayer, please make sure to include their name so we can send it to them. We will have submissions open until Saturday, August 8th, so please make sure to send in as soon as possible!

We can’t wait to see what questions you come up with for these seven incredible cosplayers in our latest Panel video!

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