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The Panel #3: Forget Money, What Would You Build?

Cosplayers April Gloria, Caitlin Christine, and Laney Feni weigh in on their dream projects.

In this week's The Panel, we catch up with three star cosplayers -- April Gloria, Caitlin Christine, and Laney Feni -- to ask the ultimate question: if money was no object, who would you choose to cosplay as?

For April, her eyes are set on the majestic Nightingale Armor from Skyrim, but it's more time than money that's preventing her from beginning construction. "I tend to pick projects that are small ... so I'm hoping one day to be able to actually stick to one thing for a period of time and actually complete that costume.

For Caitlin, Iron Man is the holy grail. One major appeal to her is it's different than anything else she's attempted.

Laney has chosen a staple of hers...Supergirl. And her goal? To make a plethora of Supergirls.

Watch above to hear the answers in full, and check back regularly for the next edition of The Panel.

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