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10 Frozen Cosplays That Lead Us Into The Unknown

From Elsa and Anna to Kristoff and Sven, these cosplayers knock it out of the park.

Frozen Cosplays - Elsa Cosplay, Anna Cosplay, Kristoff Cosplay
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Since the first Frozen movie came out in 2013, Disney fans from around the world have applauded the movie featuring sisters Elsa and Anna. Not only are Disney fans in love with these characters, but cosplayers as well. Some are even able to create beautiful dresses fit for a live action movie, as well as sing just like Idina Menzel does in the movie. Here are 10 Frozen cosplays we are certain to bring you Into the Unknown.

10. Grange_air

Russian cosplayer Grange_Air really brings out Anna’s personality with her cosplay. Not only does she have the perfect expression, but the cosplay is spot on as well. She’s also no stranger to cosplaying as Anna, as she’s also cosplayed her other outfits from the first film too.

9. Starbit Creations

Frozen is based off of a lot of Norse mythology and Norwegian folklore, and having your heritage be represented in a movie is always a sight to see. Starbit Creations is a Norwegian cosplayer who certainly put her heart and soul in her Elsa cosplay and speaks openly about how much the character means to her.

8. Jimmysherfy

Hans may have been a very nasty and backstabbing prince in the first Frozen, but Jimmysherfy makes him look like a much nicer and dashing prince. He certainly has the sideburns down to a T, and took some incredible photos with Anna cosplayer, Joanna Lynnbert.

7. Lady Thera

Lady Thera looks like she just stepped out of Arendelle and ran off into the wilderness searching for Elsa. Thera has cosplayed many Disney princesses over the years, and Anna is certainly one of her favorites. She has cosplayed so many different versions of the character and each one continues to show the spunky personality that Anna has throughout the movies.

6. Anastasia_lion

Cosplaying is one thing, but also making your own cosplays complete with thousands of rhinestones is a whole other level. Russian cosplayer Anastasia_Lion has done quite a few different Elsa cosplays in the past, from her Frozen 2 traveling outfit to more original pieces such as her rococo-styled Elsa.

5. Anna Faith & Lexi Grace

Anna Faith quickly went viral back when the first Frozen movie came out when she posed next to a cardboard cutout of Elsa. She became known as the “real life Elsa” by news outlets throughout the world, and since then has been cosplaying as Elsa with her real life sister, Lexi. The two of them make quite a team, and certainly have a sisterly bond that brings the two characters to life.

4. Sergmirage

Kristoff can easily be one of the best Disney love interests, especially after his portrayal in Frozen 2. Sergmirage is pretty much Kristoff brought to life, complete with his very own Sven! We never thought we’d see a Kristoff cosplayer with an actual reindeer, but Sergmirage knocked it out of the park.

3. TheDrPepperPrincess

If you want an Elsa cosplayer who not only looks like Elsa but also sings exactly like Idina Menzel, then look no further. TheDrPepperPrincess is a cosplayer who also performs to children around the world via virtual calls as Elsa, and she has the voice and personality for her as well. Check out some of her singing videos, as we’re certain she really is just Idina Menzel in disguise.

2. Lily_On_The_Moon

Lily on the Moon is truly an amazing cosplayer and she cosplays Anna with such grace. She has cosplayed Anna numerous times throughout her cosplay career, with her most recent being her queen look from the end of Frozen 2. She crafted the entire cosplay by herself, and the entire look makes her appear as if she jumped right off the screen.

1. Nikita Cosplay

Nikita Cosplay is a real-life Disney princess. From her incredibly crafted cosplays that she makes herself to her beautiful photos, Nikita is Elsa. She has cosplayed many other Disney princesses throughout the years, but her Elsa cosplay is truly spectacular. Her photos look like a live action Disney movie. Plus, she and Lily on the Moon have taken plenty of Anna and Elsa photos together and they are absolutely perfect.

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