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20 Tangled Cosplays To Celebrate A Decade Of The Hit Disney Movie

These Disney cosplayers all showed their love for Tangled with these beautiful cosplays.

20 Tangled Cosplays for 10 Years
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Disney has always been known for being able to take the oldest of tales and give them an updated, and very profitable makeover. From Snow White to Frozen and everything in between. That includes 2010’s hit Tangled starring Mandy Moore as the wide-eyed Rapunzel who not only didn’t know what life was life outside her tower, but also that she was legit royalty. That is until the animated hottie Flynn Rider came around and a vibrant adventure with typical Disney songs and romance was had.

Since then it’s become a fan favorite around the world and for the past decade has inspired cosplays that range from picture-perfect recreations to one-of-a-kind, blow your mind looks. How do we know? Because we searched like Flynn for the crown and found 20 Tangled cosplays that will make you want to rewatch this Disney classic - again!

20. Classic Rapunzel

When you think of Tangled, this is typically the beauty that comes to mind from the lavender dress to the floral adorned hair.

19. Rococo Rapunzel

If Marie Antoinette was locked up in that tower, she most certainly would have rocked this Rococo-inspired ensemble.

18. Tangled: The Series

So technically Tangled: The Series isn’t turning 10 this year BUT without the movie, we would have never met Cassandra, and gotten this wonderful shot of the trio.

17. Sailor Rapunzel

Who doesn’t love a Disney mashup with Sailor Moon?

16. High Seas Rapunzel

Disney superfans recognize this look from the live show that takes place on the cruise!

15. Pair of Rapunzels

If there is one thing we know to be true about Disney, it’s that it truly is for kids of all ages.

14. Masks Up!

Even Rapunzel knows when to play it safe!

13. Why So Blue?

Bonus points for Tangled fans that know where this is from.

12. True Love

Tangled fans would argue that Rapunzel and Flynn are the ultimate relationship goals.

11. The Cut

We all know Rapunzel for those long locks, but some of us prefer the shorter, brunette bob a little more.

10. Moscow Princess

When we said Tangled was a worldwide hit, we weren’t lying. This cosplayer is rocking a not too often seen Rapunzel cosplay all the way from Russia.

9. A Man on the Run

I mean, look at him. Of course, he’s a wanted man.

8. Simply Rapunzel

When you’re able to create a scene as glorious as the movie? Stunning.

7. The New Classic

Everything about this take on Rapunzel is phenomenal.

6. Mommy Dearest

Anyone else get chills looking at this Mother Gothel?

5. Witchy Rapunzel

Why not celebrate spooky season all year long with a witchy interpretation of your favorite Disney Princess?

4. Punk Rawk Rapunzel

Rapunzel may have followed the rules most of her life, but as soon as she saw a way out - she let that inner rebel out.

3. Cozy Pascal

We’re here to say that not enough people cosplay Disney sidekicks. More sidekicks, please!

2. Got Your Back

A match made in heaven, right?

1. Wedding Dress

How many of you Tangled fans out there have imagined your wedding themed like your favorite movie?

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