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Holly Wolf's Incredible Aerith Cosplay from Final Fantasy VII

Cosplay influencer Holly T Wolf shares her beautiful cosplay photoshoot.

Cosplay Central met with cosplay influencer Holly Wolf to share her incredible take on Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII.

Aerith has been a huge part of her life for the majority of her teenage years and adulthood. She remembers playing Final Fantasy 7 after her brother gifted the game to her one Christmas when she was just becoming a teenager. The story of Final Fantasy 7 has a huge place in Holly's heart, and when Square Enix revealed that they would be remaking the game, she cried. She was so in love with the updates they did to Aerith's design, and since she had already cosplayed Tifa previously, she decided it was finally time to cosplay Aerith.

Holly commissioned the amazing artists known as the Dangerous Ladies to make the bulk of the cosplay for her, while she concentrated on Aerith's wig, which is no easy fret in itself. She then flew to LA, to shoot this cosplay in a park in Malibu, after she attended Katsucon and wasn't fully happy with her wig skills when she shot it at the previous con. Changing the wig and working with Alive Alf Photography, brought the look together. Holly wrote that she is so happy with the content they created.

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