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This Scarlet Witch Cosplay Looks Straight From The Comics

Caitlin Christine really brings the heat as Scarlet Witch in her newest Marvel photo.

Scarlet Witch Cosplays
Courtesy Caitlin Christine and Marvel Comics

Scarlet Witch has been gaining in popularity recently in the cosplay community thanks in part to the new Disney Plus show WandaVision. Cosplayers have been making her look either through her iconic comic headpiece, or any of her looks from the last several Marvel movies she has been in.

Nonetheless, another cosplayer by the name of Caitlin Christine has added to the epic Wanda Maximoff cosplays. In the last week, she posted her new comic-inspired Scarlet Witch cosplay to Instagram and Twitter, which was an instant hit with fans.

The photos were taken in LA by photographer Liquidverve (Alex Miller) and edited by Gilbert Kolosieke. The outfit was altered with the help of Tailor Love, a tailor shop in Southern California.

Together with Caitlin, the team put together incredible photos that look like she was taken right off a comic book page and into the main streets of LA.

Fans immediately commended Caitlin for her new cosplay, with many commenting about her stunning look and how the cosplay was absolutely perfect and just in time for WandaVision's premiere last Friday.

More photos in the format of an actual comic book were posted by Gilbert, showing off more of the cosplay in the photos. We are especially impressed by the corset-leotard and cloak, followed by the headpiece, as all of them put together truly makes Caitltin embody Scarlet Witch.

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WandaVision is currently streaming exclusively on Disney Plus.

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