Editorial Policy

Cosplay Central publishes news, features, galleries and other original journalism and analysis of the cosplaying hobby, industry and community. This coverage includes both written and visual content on the Cosplay Central website and videos on our YouTube channel.

We are committed to producing professional coverage that upholds the highest possible standards of accuracy, integrity and quality.


We report stories as we see them, and strive to be fair, accurate and comprehensive in our reporting. Our editorial content may express a point of view on a story, but will always uphold our standards of honesty, transparency, impartiality and value to the reader.

When reporting on stories that reflect on individuals or organizations in a manner which they may disagree with, we will seek comment directly and offer right to reply. Stories will be updated with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible, or supplemented by a follow-up story as necessary. If you believe you have something to add to a story we have reported or feel you deserve the right to reply to a story, please contact the team.

We do not report on rumor, speculation or unsubstantiated claims without attempting to verify the information with credible sources. Any potential factual errors we are informed of will be verified and corrected as necessary, with a necessary disclaimer or notice of correction.

We will respect the request of any sources to remain anonymous, and protect the identity of any confidential sources. Any information provided confidentially will be verified with additional sources before publication. No sources will be paid for information.

We will always provide clear and prominent attribution when reporting on information from another publication, including a link to the original source. Approved imagery from photographers and other sources will be appropriately credited.

Professional relationships with studios, publishers, and other companies:

Sometimes we may have to agree to non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) or embargoes that require us to publish our content after a certain time and/or date to enable us to cover certain products, events, individuals or organizations. We will only agree to such agreements if we feel they will not compromise the related coverage in any way.

Our coverage will always strive to be as accurate and truthful as possible. In the case that an organization or individual, such as a studio or brand, stops talking to us, we will make every effort to continue to provide coverage with the same standard of impartiality, fairness and accuracy. Out of professional courtesy, the details of any such relationship will not be disclosed unless the team feels it absolutely necessary to preserve the integrity of our coverage or the Cosplay Central brand.


Cosplay Central’s editorial and advertising are handled by separate teams. Cosplay Central’s website and video content will never be influenced or impacted by commercial considerations. Any sponsored content will be clearly labelled as such, and produced in a way that preserves the editorial integrity of the team and other Cosplay Central content.

We sometimes link to retailers such as Amazon using affiliate links, from which we may receive some money. When present in content, these links will be expressed using impartial language. Affiliate links have no influence on editorial content or coverage.

All content that appears on the Cosplay Central website and on the Cosplay Central YouTube channel is at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief and strives to uphold the standards set out above. If you feel that any of our content has failed to uphold these standards, please contact the Editor-in-Chief.


GamerNetwork reviews guest submissions for all of our publications. We do not pay for guest articles, nor charge for publishing. Editors look for well-written analysis and op-eds by qualified individuals on issues of current interest to the industry and community, including reviews, deals, trends and debates. To submit articles or ideas, email contact@cosplaycentral.com. Articles are reviewed within 72 hours. Time-sensitive material should be noted with the submission.

Articles should:

  1. Be original, up-to-date and 500-1500 words. Longer/shorter works are considered.
  2. Focus on news from the last 30 days unless discussing broader trends.
  3. Disclose any potential conflicts of interest, including involvement by authors or their organizations in businesses or issues discussed.

Articles should not:

  1. Have been previously published.
  2. Be ranting, self-promotional or defamatory.

Submissions should include:

  1. The article in Microsoft Word format (no PDFs).
  2. Any citations and hyperlinks in the form of numbered endnotes.
  3. Each author’s name, title, organization and color photo.
  4. Any charts or visual aids as hi-res JPG or PNG files.

Once an article is accepted for publication:

  1. You will be required to sign a license agreement.
  2. GamerNetwork edits for spelling, grammar and punctuation in keeping with GamerNetwork style.
  3. GamerNetwork alters headlines — length and tone — to fit our newsletters.

Once an article is published by GamerNetwork:

  1. It cannot be republished in another news outlet for 90 days. Distribution is permitted via social media.
  2. GamerNetwork may be unable to honor requests to modify it.
  3. The author retains copyright, but GamerNetwork reserves the right to republish parts or all of an article indefinitely without any royalty payments.