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The Black Bard's Powerful Final Fantasy Cosplay

The beard on this Ramuh cosplay from Dissidia is stunning!

Cosplayer The Black Bard created this impressive Ramuh cosplay from Final Fantasy: Dissidia with over 300 hours of work. Yaki weaving hair, wires and foam were used to create the beard and hair while PVC and styrene were used for the shield. There is an upper and lower hand dyed robe, fully lined with embroidery, hand painted details. All together the robe armor is comprised of over 300 separate pieces of foam and each of the them is hand painted. The robes sit on a crinoline and hoop skirt. The nails and bracelets were made and hand painted and The staff was designed using Yuna’s Nirvana as a reference. He draped, patterned, and constructed both upper, lower robes, his hoop skirt, and crinoline. The robe also has over 80 snaps that each piece of armor attached to the cosplay.

This is definitely a summon you would want to summon for your own team in Dissidia!

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