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This Tinkerbell Cosplay Turns Steampunk In Amazing Original Design

Okenshield Cosplay really outdid herself with this incredible mechanical build!

All you need is faith, trust, and a whole lot of steam. This original design by Okenshield Cosplay merges Disney’s Tinkerbell with steampunk culture. Multiple techniques were used in the creation of this cosplay, including sewing, hand-embroidery, foam work, 3D modeling and printing, custom circuitry, and programming. The shrug contains 20 hand embroidered gears, the hammerstaff and petticoat feature over 200 neopixels with motion-activated light effects, and the wings flap via a rotary mechanism. Altogether, this cosplay took over 150 fabrication hours, over 50 design hours, and spanned two and a half years from conception to completion.

Born from a $2 Simplicity pattern, Steampunk Tinkerbell is Okenshield Cosplay's biggest and most technically complex creation to date. The core outfit was designed for functionality and versatility. The multiple skirts allow for alternate layering techniques and the wings are completely detachable, allowing different sets of wings to use the same wing box and flapping mechanism. All of the lights are programmable and can be altered for limitless lighting and movement effects. The petticoat lights were hand soldered together at different length intervals to create a random light dispersal. A second set of similar wings are currently in the process of creation and will be cut using a laser cutter and hand painted, with lights running along the arches in place of the rivets.

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