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History Of The World Cosplay Is Hilariously Perfect

Mel Brooks would consider this the cosplay that shows it's good to be the king.

When Mel Brooks' movie History of the World, Part 1 first hit theatres back in 1981, it would have been unlikely to see many cosplays from the movie. However, this designer and cosplayer from C2E2 certainly brought us back to the past with their incredible King Louis XVI cosplay from the hit classic.

Cosplay Widow took over two years to create this cosplay, which is worn by her husband, Mnamna. Creating King Louis' look was a labor of love, adorned with 57 hand embroidered flower and 500 hand cut lace leaf appliques, sewn onto a cream damask jacket and vest with over 26,000 gold seed beads. The beading alone took over 400 hours!

The entire costume is hand-made and hand beaded including the bow in his hair, his broadcloth shirt, lace cravat, satin sash, drop front breaches, jewelry and cream damask covered shoes. The cosplay is topped with a custom crown made of Worbla, identical to the one Mel Brooks wears in the show. Both the wig and the crown were made by her husband, proving such a great collaboration on this project.

Cosplay Widow has been sewing her entire life, and after ‘handling’ her husband's big foam costumes for the past several years, she wanted to make something for him, that he couldn’t make himself, that would also test her skills.

They both had a tremendous amount of fun making this cosplay. Cosplay Widow said they had never made anything like this before in their life. The hard work certainly shows on this cosplay!

Be sure to see this cosplay on the stage at C2E2's Crown Championships of Cosplay earlier this year!

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