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A Kitana Cosplay That's Ready To Commit Some Fatalities

Jedimanda's Mortal Kombat cosplay really brings the heat.

Causing fatalities in Mortal Kombat for 27 years, here is the latest look for Kitana. With this 5 month build, Jedimanda utilized skills such as, custom patterning, fabric painting, leatherwork, and foam-smithing Armor. The bodice is made from real leather with foam pauldrons. The fans can articulate with a deadly slash just like in the game. Amanda tapped into brand new skills to make the mask, by hand sculpting, molding, and slush casting it for the very first time. She then painted and weathered it to show off the new, battle-ready Ruler of the Outworld, Kitana.

This entire build took about 5 months to build. All of the pieces were made by Amanda, excluding the boots. The base boots were thrifted but she added all the foam work. This build is all custom patterns from the base bodysuit to all the foam armor. The mask was indeed hand-sculpted, molded, cast, and painted all by herself. A lot of techniques went into this build and it shows!

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