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A Megaman Cosplay That Is Both Flashy And Functional

Cosplayer Genken spent over 1,000 hours learning the skills to build this Megaman cosplay.

There are plenty of cosplayers who create a cosplay and decide to upgrade it over the years. When it comes to upgrades, one cosplayer has certainly been modifying a cosplay to keep making it bigger and better. A cosplayer by the name of Genken has been adding new upgrades to his Megaman cosplay for over two years. He has not only learned lots of new skills from this build, but also gave himself a chance to shine and show his work at C2E2 earlier this year.

The cosplay is Dr Wily's last creation Zero - As featured in the Megaman X series. This is Genken's first cosplay character he's done, and his time and devotion to the cosplay shows his love for the character. It was first made for C2E2 2018 it has been substantially upgraded over the last 24 months. Well over 1,000 hours were invested in learning 3d modeling, painting, electronics building, and coding. Everything learned was done to make this childhood dream come to life. Everything was personally built, designed, 3d printed, coded, painted, and built.

Before this build, Genken had no background in any of the components he used to craft this cosplay. He said that he was extremely proud of the massive amount of work he put in to learning, adapting, and experimenting to make this outfit. Genken's Megaman cosplay has given him a love of 3d design, prop making, coding, building in general, and even chemistry.

We can certainly see why Genken shined on C2E2's stage with this cosplay, and it was enough to land him 2nd place in the FX Category during the Championships of Cosplay regional competition. To see this cosplay in action, be sure to check out the C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay that was filmed earlier this year.

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