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Stunning Queen Amidala Cosplay Is Perfect To Reign Over Naboo

Cosplayer OneOddHuman put over 2,700 hours into this cosplay!

Padme Amidala's costumes through the Star Wars Prequel trilogy are certainly a sight to behold. From her senator gowns to being the ultimate Queen of Naboo, the costume designers certainly outdid themselves.

Cosplayers from around the world have been crafting Padme's gowns from the Star Wars prequels. One such cosplayer, named OneOddHuman, has certainly outdid herself with this beautiful iteration of Queen Amidala's look from Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.

It’s no easy feat to be queen of Naboo let alone dawn a 28 pound dress consisting of techniques spanning beyond needlework. The ensemble took 2 years clocking 2,758 hours, from research, patterning, drafting, and building. Her headdress combines foam work, thermoplastic, molding, embossing, a hand knotted ponytail, and a bun of hand placed wefts for a highly detailed seamless finish. The dress features 24 custom patterned panels, and 16 for each sleeve, with 107 yards of hand rolled piping running through it all. Sculpted, molded and casted jewels with glowing LEDs complete the look.

The fact that this cosplay took 2 years with over 2,700 hours total is enough to make it one of the longest builds we've seen. The time and dedication for this cosplay certainly shows! OneOddHuman wore this cosplay at C2E2 earlier this year and took home 1st Place in the Needlework category at the Crown Championships of Cosplay. Be sure to check out the full cosplay on stage by watching the competition right here on Cosplay Central!

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