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This Real Life Destiny Cosplay Is Incredible

Air Bubbles Cosplay creates a Warlock cosplay that's ready to take on The Hive.

Rising From the Ashes is Air Bubbles Cosplay as her Dawnblade Warlock from Destiny the game. This cosplay was constructed over the course of 5 months, using quilted silk dupioni fabric, spandex, foam, wire, programmed electronics, 3D printed pieces, glue and lots of thread. All the patterns were custom made and all the small details were created as vectors and then cut out/and or traced later.

Everything was draped and patterned by her as far as all the fabric pieces. The armor pieces were also fabricated from scratch. Some pieces were laser cut after she created the vector files for the, such as the wings and detail on the sword. The warlock bond eagle was the most tedious piece to pattern and was hand dyed its' yellow color. All the electronics were assembled, soldered and programmed by Air Bubbles Cosplay. All the gold detail on the jacket was pattered by creating a vector and then cutting out a pattern which she traced later. After tracing, she hand painted it all with gold fabric paint. The helmet was not 3D modeled by her, but she put it together, sanded and painted it.

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Kelsey started her cosplay adventure at a small convention outside Sacramento in 2011. Since then, she has been featured on major websites such as IMDb and Variety Magazine, and worked with companies like Besame Cosmetics featuring Disney & Marvel makeup products. Her passion for cosplay and love of the community brought her to join Cosplay Central as Editor-in-Chief in 2020. In her spare time she’s usually seen playing with her dog and scouting the next best photoshoot location for her cosplays.