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Cosplay Master Class- The Art Of Cosplay Wig Making

bakka cosplay shares her knowledge in this special Cosplay Master Class

Wigs are an essential part of most cosplays. Recreating extreme styles can be a challenge but bakka cosplay is here to help! In this Cosplay Master Class she guides you through some of her techniques for ensuring a perfect fit, recreating elaborate hair styles, how to style your wigs so that they are durable and can survive the convention day and how to securely fix them to your head.

Don’t miss your opportunity to ask bakka’s advice in the Live Q&A on Cosplay Day

You can watch the full series on YouTube

  • Making a head copy
    bakka guides you through the making of a copy of your head and hairline, which is crucial to ensure the wig's perfect fit
  • Hairline techniques
    An introduction into creating alternative hairlines for your wigs to perfectly match your character
  • Styling and cutting synthetic hair
    Do you want your wig to survive the stress of conventions? In this episode bakka explains how to style synthetic fibres in a way that is incredibly durable
  • Fixing hair pieces securely
    Learn important techniques about wearing your hairpieces comfortably and look good all day with this guide to secure your wig in place

Live Q&A with bakka cosplay
Cosplay Day, July 10 - 10:15 AM PST / 1:15 PM EST / 6:15 PM BST
Whether you have a question about bakka’s master class or want to know more about this creative cosplayer’s approach to making her incredible fabrications – join the live chat on YouTube to ask your questions and bakka will answer all live on stream.

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About bakka cosplay

'bakka' is a French-German special effect make-up artist and professional custom wig maker who has been cosplaying since 2005. Always searching for unusual and extravagant projects, she challenges herself with every new creation and loves to surprise her followers by adding realistic details, like meticulous painting, smoke, smell, functional and moving parts, hidden easter eggs or upcycling. Her international customers greatly appreciate the authenticity and dedication in her detailed works.
You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram or check out www.bakkacosplay.com.

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