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No Studio, No Problem - Level Up Your Online Video Creation

86th Floor gives valuable insight as to how to make videos for your cosplays, even if you're just using a phone!

Looking for tips on how to create your own cosplay videos? Wanting to make videos with DSLR cameras and awesome backlighting, or maybe you’re just wanting to learn how to create TikTok videos on your phone for all your cosplays. This panel from 86th Floor & guests: JJ Pyropi, Mythicaliity and Ember Wolf, has a little something for everyone who is interested in creating epic cosplay videos for all to see!

This video explains video techniques such as slow mo, color overlays, and lighting. It also contains many different items you can use for filming as well, from tripods to different types of cameras (and yes, you can even use your phone!).

If it's TikTok video advice that you're looking for, 86th Floor also explains some of this as well! They interview several different TikTok cosplayers who have gained a massive following on the site for tips on how you can make videos and build your platform as well. With TikTok being on the rise with more and more users joining during COVID, it's no wonder that many cosplayers are turning to the platform to promote their work. Cosplayers JJ Pyropi, Mythicaliity, and Ember Wolf explain their rise to "TikTok fame" and what you can do to develop your platform as well.

The 86th Floor is the world's biggest cosplay music video channel. Six creators dedicated to celebrating the joy and passion of cosplay. They travel to conventions across the world and film thousands of cosplayers every year! To see more of their work visit their YouTube channel. For more information on any of the topics in the video please DM them on Twitter @86thfloor.

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