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10 Supernatural Cosplays To Prepare You For the Final Episode

Tonight marks the premiere of the final episode of Supernatural, so here are 10 cosplays to hype you up.

Supernatural Cosplays
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Supernatural has been on the air for over 15 years, with many fans wondering when the series was ever going to come to an end. Well, that day has come. The series that started back in 2005 is finally coming to a close tonight with the season finale titled “Carry On”, a nod to the song “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas that is used often in the show.

As we begin to wipe our tears in anticipation for the final episode, here are 10 Supernatural cosplays reminisce on the show’s 15 year-long run.

10. Zactaylortkd

This photo by Zactaylortkd is a nice nod to both Dean and Castiel’s relationship throughout the show. Both characters are always watching out for each other’s backs, despite the hardships that they encounter through the seasons. Castiel’s wings are also a nice added touch to the overall look.

9. Alex_leivers

Lilith was one of those characters that fans sympathized with, but also had a love-hate relationship with. Whatever your thoughts were with Lilith, we can all agree that Alex_leivers’ Lilith cosplay is sinister and spot-on. The contacts work perfectly with the look, as well as the dagger that is used throughout the show.

8. Roadrnr08

Roadrnr08 makes such a great Dean we had to add him on this list. He’s been cosplaying Dean for years now, and certainly has the brooding look down. Not only that, but he also has an actual 1967 Chevy Impala that he completely restored and it is amazing! He truly is a real life Dean Winchester.

7. Angiegiuliajones

Rowena was an interesting witch on the show. While she was an antagonist, we could certainly understand her motivations. Angiegiuliajones cosplays a perfect Rowena, from the witchy clothing to the fact that her hair is spot on to the character’s. She definitely nails the look of the mother of Crowley.

6. Radrupee

It’s the more quiet moments in the show that really make Supernatural the beloved series it is. There may be lots of fighting and epic moments, but sometimes the more subtle ones really mess with our hearts. This photo of Radrupee as Sam and his friend revenge_city_cosplay as Dean shows the more intimate moments between the two brothers. We’re definitely going to miss seeing these two interact after the final episode.

5. The.lilfoot

The archangel Gabriel was such a fun character in the show. His trickster personality was always fun to see on screen, and fans really missed him after his departure from the show. The.lilfoot cosplays a great iteration of Gabriel, complete with a set of gold wings that really bring the look together.

4. Charlies.castle

If there’s a cosplayer who not only has the Dean smoulder down but also the outfits, it’s Charlies.castle. His Dean cosplay has been gaining recognition over on both TikTok and Instagram in recent months and he definitely has the Dean look down. Plus, he already has almost seven cosplays of him! Talk about commitment!

3. Scarredmewtwo

Castiel is certainly a fan favorite throughout the entire Supernatural series. It’s no wonder that at every convention, you’ll see a Castiel cosplayer in the signature beige trench coat. This Castiel cosplay by scarredmewtwo is a beautiful rendition of the character. We also love how they put the wings together to look torn and weathered.

2. Wayward.des

It’s always a grand time getting together with fellow cosplayers of the same fandom and taking photos. This group, posted by cosplayer wayward.des shows a group of cosplayers together with Sam, Dean, Castiel, Rowena, and more!

1. Foxandcatinlove

What better way to end this list than to show this photo of cosplayers foxandcatinlove. The two cosplay as both Dean and Castiel, with both writing in the description how much the series has impacted them over the years. The emotion in the photo between both of them really portrays the emotions we’re going to have at the end of the final episode: lots of tears and comforting from fellow fans.

The final episode of Supernatural premieres tonight at 9 PM ET on the CW.

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