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16 Final Fantasy XIV Cosplays So Good They Look Straight From The Game

These Final Fantasy XIV cosplayers certainly put in the work to craft these amazing looks.

Final Fantasy XIV Cosplays
From Left to Right: Kamokuu (photo by Yinyue Photography), Laniviae, Osurodrago88, and Jacquistuffnthings,

If there’s one thing that has gotten us through this year, it’s videogames. Being stuck in quarantine has certainly been a difficult task this year, but games like Final Fantasy XIV have certainly helped distract us from the craziness 2020 has been.

Final Fantasy XIV, the world’s largest current MMO, has gained a solid reputation after the release of Shadowbringers last year. It’s no wonder that the love for the game has transferred over to cosplayers as well, as many of the outfits in the game are perfect to put into the cosplaying world. Here are 16 Final Fantasy XIV cosplays that are so good we wish we could see them in person at a con.

16. Kamui Cosplay

One cannot think of cosplay without also thinking of Kamui Cosplay. Not only is she an amazing cosplayer and crafts incredible builds, but she’s also an avid FFXIV cosplayer as well! One of her recent looks is that of a Mi’qote Summoner, and we absolutely love it. From the weathering on the sandals to the intricate design on the bottom of the coat, this cosplay is truly stunning.

15. Calley Macleod

Calley Macleod debuted her Firebird cosplay at MCM last year, and since then it has been an absolute show-stopper. The cosplay is also environmentally friendly and was created on a massive budget. It was made with cereal boxes, newspaper, foam, cheap fabric, and broken curtain rods. The cosplay took only 13 days to build, most of which involved making individual feathers or hand soldering the 3000 LEDs that lit the whole costume. What an amazing build!

14. Datura.cereus

The Dark Knight is one of the fan-favorite jobs in the game and Datura.cereus certainly makes an impressive Dark Knight. The entire cosplay was crafted by herself, and we have to admit that the claymore is one of the coolest parts. It even has LEDs in the blade that makes it light up!

13. Dua.cos

Estinien is one of the coolest dragoons in the entire game, and we love seeing him every time he is in a cutscene. This Estinien cosplay by Dua.cos is so beautifully crafted it feels like the NPC jumped right onto a con floor. Everything was crafted using foam, and the paint job on it just makes the whole look come together. Let’s just hope we see more of the dragon slayer in future expansions!

12. Aaaasui_

Cosplayer Aaaasui_ has created so many Final Fantasy XIV cosplays throughout the years that it was a challenge to choose a favorite. From the Crystal Exarch to our favorite Ascian, this cosplayer has done it all. Their Urianger cosplay seen above is like a piece of clothing from the game, and everything is so amazingly handcrafted that we had to spotlight their impressive work.

11. Mathoz Costumes

Did you ever think you would see an actual Chocobo in real life? We didn’t. At least, not until we came upon Mathoz Costumes with his Chocobo cosplay. Created in similar fashion to the raptor costumes you’ve probably seen in YouTube videos, this Chocobo has the ability to walk around as well as move the head, open the beak, and even blink its eyes. It’s almost like it was a real life Chocobo!

10. Obsidiem

If you haven’t played the Dark Knight job questline, then you are missing out on one of the best NPCs in the game: Fray. This cosplay by Obsidiem certainly does Fray justice with detailed foam and needlework. The eyes can even glow with red LEDs. We definitely wouldn’t want to be walking down an alleyway in Ishgard at night and seeing those eyes on the opposite end.

9. Jacquistuffnthings

Jacquistuffnthings won the C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay with her Astrologian cosplay back in 2018 and it’s no wonder why she won. The cosplay is crafted with sewing techniques, foam, and even electronics that allows her prop to move the cards around just like it does in the game. This would certainly be a cosplay we would want to see in person just to stare at all of the little details.

8. Laniviae

It isn’t Final Fantasy XIV without our favorite Elezen twins, Alphinaud and Alisaie. Laniviae’s cosplays of the twins are so adorable we had to highlight them. Both cosplayers are wearing their iconic outfits in the game and were crafted with both foam and needlework. It makes us wonder if they will also go and create their Shadowbringers outfits as well!

7. Kamokuu

If you want to start talking about heroes in the game, one of the characters on the top of that list is Haurchefant. The character first introduced in A Realm Reborn and then again in Heavensward is definitely a favorite, and Kamokuu created the perfect cosplay for him. Our favorite part of the cosplay is certainly the shield, because it looks like a direct copy of the one he uses in the. Now be right back while we go cry over Haurchefant again.

6. Sameer Bundela

Zenos Yae Galvus is one of those characters that the fans can’t seem to decide whether they love or hate him. Wherever your loyalties lie with the Garlean prince, we can agree that Sameer Bundela’s cosplay of Zenos is incredible. The cosplay won best-in-show at Comic Con India back in 2019, and he even brought it to the C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay in early 2020. The cosplay is created with foam, sculpting, electronics, and more. And let us tell you that seeing this cosplay up close certainly makes him look like the real Zenos.

5. Cheezaah & Visenyaology

Whenever cosplayers are able to come together and cosplay from their favorite fandom, it’s a special moment. These cosplays by Cheezaah and Visenyaology both show the relationship between a tank and healer. Having a proper tank and healer is a must-need in any dungeon. Luckily, it looks like these two are ready to be the best Dark Knight and Astrologian for any duty.

4. Multiversecosplay

One of the best side quests in the entire FFXIV game are the Hildibrand quests. This goofy character brings hilarious moments to an otherwise serious and emotional game. Multiversecosplay, a real life cosplay couple, both cosplayed as Hildibrand and his sidekick Nachu and we are living for it. We can only hope that cons will eventually come back in the future just so we can see these two running around and solving mysteries.

3. Oscurodrago88

The moment we saw Oscurodrago88’s Dragoon cosplay, our jaws dropped. This cosplay is so beautifully crafted and the scenery is perfect that it looks like a screenshot from the game. The cosplay was upgraded from his previous version last year, with most of it being made with sculpting and foam. This cosplay is definitely one of the most amazing dragoons we’ve seen.

2. NipahCos

Aymeric is one of the best NPCs in the Heavensward expansion and an even better NPC in the later patches as well. Cosplayer NipahCos portrays him so well that we had to show off this amazing cosplay. The entire outfit was made using foam and needlework, with many small details that perfectly match that of Aymeric’s iconic look in the game. Plus he even took photos with an Estinien cosplayer and it is the bro cosplay duo we needed to see.

1. Osterfrosch_cosplay

We’re just going to say it: Solus zos Galvus is one of the best characters in the entirety of Final Fantasy XIV. From his sassy personality to tragic motivations, the writers truly went all out on this character. Osterfrosch_cosplay portrays him so well, and every little detail in this cosplay is immaculate. From the hair to the stitching on the robes and even the epaulettes, this cosplay had to be on our list. We won’t spoil anything for you, but if you haven’t played Shadowbringers, do it.

These cosplays certainly inspired us to go out and make our own Final Fantasy XIV outfits! Who knows what other outfits the franchise has in store for us in future patches that cosplayers will want to create.

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