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Aerith's Voice Actress in Final Fantasy VII Remake Cosplays As Her Own Character

The English voice actor for Aerith, Briana White, wore a stunning cosplay of the character she portrays.

Actress Briana White and Aerith (the character she voices) from Final Fantasy VII: Remake
Actress Briana White (image courtesy Twitter) and Aerith (the character she voices) from Final Fantasy VII: Remake

It's always fun to see actors dressing up as iconic pop culture characters for Halloween, but it's a whole other level to see them cosplay as the characters they voice act. Briana White landed the role of voicing the English version of Aerith in Final Fantasy VII earlier last year, and it's been the new defining role in her voice acting career. Now, she's taken it a step further and cosplayed as Aerith in a new set of photos posted on her Twitter page.

Briana worked with cosplayer LadyxZero to make the dress and hair ribbons, as well as cosplayer and Twitch streamer helloiamkate in styling Aerith's iconic wig. The entire photoshoot was shot by Martin Wong, who is known for capturing incredible photos of cosplayers around the world.

The collaboration between the four of them certainly put together memorable photos that makes Aerith look like she really came off the screen and into the real world.

With all these photos, it's no wonder many have taken to commenting on Twitter expressing their love for Briana cosplaying as her Final Fantasy character. Briana has even said that while they didn't get any videos of her saying her lines in cosplay, she is going to make one in the future.

Now we just need the rest of the Final Fantasy voice acting cast to cosplay as their characters as well and get a whole group together! It would certainly be the talk of the gaming world for years to come.

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