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Propmaker Crafts Baby Yoda Pod From The Mandalorian

SKS Props made the pram pod The Child uses in the hit Star Wars show.

SKS Props with Baby Yoda
SKS Props

Baby Yoda has been the biggest hit from The Mandalorian ever since it started airing on Disney Plus last year. Merchandise has been flying off the shelves of stores, with the most popular being The Child plush from Mattel (not only does it have over 10,000 reviews on Amazon, but it is also a TOTY 2021 finalist). While it's nice being able to hold Baby Yoda wherever you go, propmaker and foam supplier SKS Props took it one step further and created the pram pod that Baby Yoda uses throughout the show.

SKS Props put together a full step-by-step tutorial on YouTube on how to to create the little pod for Mattel's Baby Yoda plush. In his description of the the video he lists all the materials he used while building it, which includes his own foam that he sells for the cosplay community.

If you're also trying to figure out how on earth to make the templates after watching the video, you're in luck. He even has a free pattern of the entire Baby Yoda pod that you can use to then create your own.

The finished look of his Baby Yoda pod looks straight out of the show, and is the perfect accessory to have when storing The Child. It could also easily go with a full Mandalorian cosplay and could make for some epic photos.

Who knows what SKS Props will make next from The Mandalorian that will be just as incredible as this!

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