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Crown Championships Of Cosplay: Witcher 3 Ciri Cosplay

Keystone Comic Con winner Gillian Conahan as Ciri from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Gillian is an old-school handcraft nerd who loves meticulous technique and naturalistic materials. She spent more than 500 hours building her Ciri, over half of which was spent on hand embroidery and finishing, to create garments that feel rugged and authentic to the setting but also eclectic and richly embellished. Although the main pieces were done in wool, leather, and steel mail, more than 25 different materials were used to create the complete ensemble, including eight for the sword alone. Techniques included patternmaking, sewing, embroidery, tablet weaving, chainmail, worbla armor, jewelry making, sculpting, and leatherwork.
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Kelsey started her cosplay adventure at a small convention outside Sacramento in 2011. Since then, she has been featured on major websites such as IMDb and Variety Magazine, and worked with companies like Besame Cosmetics featuring Disney & Marvel makeup products. Her passion for cosplay and love of the community brought her to join Cosplay Central as Editor-in-Chief in 2020. In her spare time she’s usually seen playing with her dog and scouting the next best photoshoot location for her cosplays.