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Vote For Your Favorite Cosplay From Cosplay Central's Virtual Competition

Cast your vote to determine a winner for fan favorite cosplay!

Voting Contestants
Contestants from Cosplay Central's Virtual Competition

Hey all you cosplay fans! We wanted to give a massive thank you to everyone who watched our very first virtual competition over on New York Comic Con's YouTube channel (if you haven't seen it yet, go click over to see!). We loved being able to see all these incredible cosplayers virtually come together from quarantine to be a part of this competition. Our judges Plexi Cosplay and Cowbutt Crunchies had so much fun seeing everyone in their cosplays and had such a hard time picking for the top prizes. If you missed out on joining this cosplay contest, don't worry! There will definitely be more in the future that we will announce on our website.

While the official judging for the competition is over, we need your help to decide the Fan Favorite Cosplay! Below you will see a list of our finalists from the virtual cosplay competition. You will be able to choose ONE contestant to win the fan award, so be sure to pick your favorite! Voting will continue until the end of the day on Sunday August 16th at 9 PM EST. We will then announce the winner on Monday, August 17th.

We can't wait to see who wins the fan award! Vote below for your favorite and don't forget to click the submit button!

Note: If you would like to see the images up close, make sure to zoom in on your web browser.

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