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Jodie Whittaker and David Tennant Judge Homemade Doctor Who Cosplay Contest

Late night host James Corden enlisted some famous friends.

James Corden, host of the American late night talk show "Late Late Show with James Corden," decided to have a little fun while his audience (and celebrities) are stuck at home. And to do so, he booted up the TARDIS.

The result was a hilarious and unique cosplay contest where six Doctor Who superfans were tasked with creating a Doctor Who cosplay using only the materials found in their home. The catch? They only had 24-hours to do so.

But, of course, as Corden says, "I can't really judge this contest on my own," so he pulled in two of the most beloved Doctors: Jodie Whittaker and David Tennant.

Kicking it off was Whittaker, declaring that she'll be the "good cop," while Tennant promised to be "ruthless." The duo came prepared, donning their respective wardrobes from the show, with Tennant remarking it had been a while since he dressed in the outfit. "I just realized while struggling into it. It all still fits. Even after a long time," he said.

From Cyberman to the Kasaavin, the contestants offered a range of entries, of varying degrees of difficulty.

Watch the video above to see the shenanigans.

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