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10 Legend of Korra Cosplays Prepared To Save Republic City

These cosplayers perfected the looks of Korra, Asami, Mako, Bolin, and more!

Legend of Korra Cosplays
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Avatar: The Last Airbender has been such a hit on Netflix in the last few months that it’s no surprise Netflix decided to put the Legend of Korra sequel series on its streaming program this August as well. The story centers around the new Avatar, Korra, and the ever-changing world years after the events of The Last Airbender. Many cosplayers are drawn to Korra’s strength and the new Team Avatar, especially since the show brings back nostalgia from the prequel. In this week's feature, we wanted to highlight 10 Legend of Korra cosplayers who certainly nailed the characters’ looks from the show.

10. Black Crystal Cosplay

We love seeing Black Crystal Cosplay’s Korra cosplay. This was her first ever cosplay back in 2015, and we can’t believe it! The hair matches that of Korra’s look from the final season, and the rest of the outfit makes her look like she’s ready to protect Republic City.

9. Outlaw2lk

Legend of Korra created their own mini-show in their show about The Adventures of Nuktuk starring Bolin. Cosplayer Outlaw2lk brought Bolin’s Nuktuk persona to life with this cosplay. From the fur to the added accessories such as the necklace and Bolin’s hair, he did a great job creating the Hero of the South. (Also, he is making cabbage props for the Cabbage Man, and we can’t wait to see that!)

8. CutiePieSensei

CutiePieSensei is no stranger to cosplays from the Avatar universe. She’s cosplayed both Korra and Katara in the past, and has recently created Korra’s season 4 look. The hair is styled perfectly to match the Avatar’s short hair, and the rest of the ensemble makes her look ready to start throwing punches.

7. Koriel Creations

Cosplayer Koriel Creations put together this Asami cosplay and certainly nailed the look of the master engineer. Not only does the cosplay look spot on to Asami’s mechanic clothing, but her hair and makeup also match. She used a purple eyeshadow and dark lipstick, and even her eye color is the same!

6. Vsol_Cosplay & GayGothWizard

Makorra (Mako & Korra) was one of the most popular ships in the Legend Korra during the first season, and these cosplayers certainly make us wish to see them together. Cosplayers Vsol_cosplay and GayGothWizard bring both character’s personalities to life in this photo. Their cosplays both reflect Mako and Korra’s main outfits from the show, and their poses both reflect the struggles the characters undertake throughout the show.

5. J.k_kyle

While there are many cosplays featuring Team Avatar, it’s always a delight to see other characters cosplayed as well. J.k_kyle put together an incredible Kuvira cosplay from seasons 3 and 4. The armor appears to be crafted from EVA foam, and the rest of the outfit from different shades of green fabric. The metallic trim on the coat also goes perfectly well with the armor. She certainly portrays an Earthbender you don’t want to mess with!

4. Cosmic.reys.cosplay

Cosmic.Reys.Cosplay does such a great job on Korra we had to spotlight her on the list. She describes on her Instagram how Korra is her favorite cosplay because of her strength and her overall arc throughout the show. Plus, She does a great job embodying the character and really bringing out the personality of Korra in her photos.

3. DwayneDKong

We loved seeing DwayneDKong’s Bolin cosplay so much because he certainly has the Bolin look down! His clothing is actually all bodypaint, which we can only guess took hours to do. The shading is also impeccable and makes it look like he’s wearing Bolin’s jacket. His hair and smile is also spot on to Bolin and we could definitely see him starring in a fan film or live action series.

2. Leiracosplays

Leira Cosplays has made both Korra and Asami, and done such a great job on both we couldn’t pick just one. She perfected both character’s expressions and poses to where you almost think they were a different person in each photo. Her Asami cosplay is actually a closet cosplay, but it’s so well done we would have never guessed if it hadn’t been labelled as such in the post!

1. Carma Cosplay

If you’re going to cosplay the Legend of Korra characters, then what better way than to get a group cosplay together? Carma Cosplay, two cosplayers named Carly and Emma, and their friend Julie made Korra, Asami, and Mako cosplays to create one epic Team Avatar. We’d love to see them have a Bolin to go with the rest of the group at a con to have the full team!

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