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20 WWE Cosplays To Hype You Up For Friday Night Smackdown

These cosplayers celebrate their wrestling heroes with their WWE cosplays!

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If there is one thing that does not quit, it’s our obsession with the WWE and its superstars. Since the day it began, fans from all over the world have attached themselves to the wild stories, the athleticism, and of course - the people who make it all possible because the bottom line is, WWE Superstars are like modern-day superheroes.

They each come with their own origin story, have capabilities that are way beyond the average human, and they’re often split between heroes and villains in stories that we just cannot get enough of. So to celebrate the glory that is the WWE, we’re taking a look at some of the best WWE cosplay looks fans have come up with over the years to celebrate their heroes from the ring from The Rock to Becky Lynch and everyone in between.

Hulk Hogan

You might be thinking, that’s an easy look to pull off. Think again! This wasn’t just about putting on the clothing - this cosplayer went all in. What they look like outside of Hulkamania vs. all done up is a true transformation.

Macho Man Randy Savage

We love a good mash-up and can honestly say we never expected we’d see the day Macho Man crossed paths with a Transformer.

Mick Foley

If the sock fits, you must admit - this is a great Mick Foley.


This cosplayer is paying major respect not only to the late, great Chyna - but also to a friend from a galaxy far, far away.


You know we welcome any and all animal cosplay here at Cosplay Central.

Rick Flair

The Nature Boy is in the convention building, woo!


There is nothing quite like meeting your WWE hero…as you’re WWE hero.


One of the most extreme women to ever hit the ring, Lita!

Jeff Hardy

Speaking of extreme, this cosplayer’s Jeff Hardy is as dynamic as the wrestler is in the ring.

Kofi Kingston

There was no missing this vibrant take on Kofi Kingston at NYCC, and making a special appearance? A Becky Lynch cosplayer!


Anyone else grow up sort of terrified of Sting as a kid? Just me? It’s the makeup.

Becky Lynch

Since we’re on the subject, how about even more Becky Lynch for the fandom?

John Cena

We swear there is someone here cosplaying as John Cena. We. Swear.

The Rock

It’s hard not to smell what this cosplayer is cookin’.

The Ultimate Warrior

When portraying The Ultimate Warrior, part of the look is that crazed expression and she has it going on!

Rhea Ripley

Moved by the Australian sensation, Rhea Ripley, this cosplayer got this look right down to the very last detail.


From down under to the Emerald Isle with this dead ringer for Sheamus.

Chris Jericho

We love a cosplayer who pays attention to the prop aspect of their look.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Crack open a cold one and admire this fierce take on this Texas rattlesnake.

Ronda Rousey

She’s rowdy and ready to RUMBLE!!!

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