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Ahsoka Tano From The Mandalorian Recreated Perfectly In This Photoshoot

Jedimanda's Ahsoka cosplay is a spitting image of her Mandalorian look.

Cosplayer Jedimanda has released a series of images of her Ahsoka cosplay from The Mandalorian by photographer Alexandra Lee Studios, and they are so good they look like they are stills from the show.

Jedimanda finished her Ahsoka cosplay last month after nearly 3 months of making the entire cosplay from scratch. She recorded her build progress through vlogs on YouTube with everything from her headpiece to the sewing and armor crafting. While she has made Ahsoka's headpiece from the Clone Wars show before, it was still the hardest part of the build because of the overall design.

Now, the photos of the full cosplay have been released. Taken by photographer Alexandra Lee Studios, the two of them worked hand-in-hand to create photos that could certainly pass for actual images from the Star Wars universe. Not only is the lighting perfect, but Jedimanda really has the look for Ahsoka down.

In addition to the photos, Jedimanda also posted a cinematic video on her YouTube channel showing off the cosplay in action. You can see the cosplay is very versatile and easy to move around in. Not only that, but it also looks very comfy to wear as well!

To see the complete gallery of this cosplay, be sure to click the "View Gallery" button at the top of this article.

To see more of Jedimanda's work, you can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Be sure to also check out all of her tutorials here on Cosplay Central as well as purchasing her book Creative Cosplay that is filled with sewing tips, how to choose fabric, and more!

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