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Warhammer Cosplay That Shows True Dedication To The Game

This Sister of Battle cosplay from Warhammer 40k was this cosplayer's first ever armor build!

When it comes to big armor builds, they're no easy feat. From the initial patterning to the crafting and making sure one can walk in it, large foam builds certainly take lots of time and effort. Smile Cosplay, also known as Jamie, was ready to take it up to the challenge.

This cosplay was her first ever armor build and took over 160 hours to produce. All the armor and weapon pieces are made using worbla and eva foam with 3d modeled and printed parts. All fabric is made from a red velvet with hand textured details. The belt is made from leather that is dyed and hand stitched. The lighting in the gun is an LED track with a remote control board. The scars on the cosplay are made with hand made prosthetics to give it a more authentic touch to the character.

This cosplay was made thanks to the help of Kinpatsu Cosplay, who sells her tutorial books to help other cosplayers. For this build, Jamie used Kinpatsu Cosplay's Sister of Battle Cosplay Tutorial Pack, qhich includes everything from making the armor to the sword and gun props. Not only is a book like this extremely helpful to have, but it's even better when you can see what techniques somebody else has implemented to create the same cosplay for guidance.

If you want to see more of this build, as well as work-in-progress photos from Jamie, be sure to check out her Facebook as well as the Crown Championships of Cosplay at C2E2 2020 to see it in action.

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