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Dog Dresses As Appa In Adorable Avatar: The Last Airbender Cosplay

The Avatar's flying bison just became a cosplay with a dog.

Appa Dog
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Avatar: The Last Airbender is not only a show that is known for its amazing character arcs like that of Aang's and Zuko's, but also the companions that are shown throughout. Appa, the Avatar's flying bison, is one of those characters that is so memorable one cannot think of Aang without his flying bison familiar. Appa's journey with the Avatar and his friends is just as pronounced as the people in the show, and he even gets his own episodes (Appa's Lost Days is still one of the saddest episodes of the show).

It's always a treat to see cosplayers as Avatar characters, but even better when they dress up their pets as them. Cosplayer Chibisumichan took her dog, Chamois, and turned him into an adorable version of Appa.

"I had been considering a Katara cosplay for myself," she told Cosplay Central. "And since Chamois is a big, fluffy, lovable Great Pyrenees, I thought he’d make a perfect Appa if I could figure out how to design his cosplay! Even his personality is like Appa... he’s really laid back and loves his treats!"

Chamois' Appa cosplay was first worn at Stocktoncon last year, where Chibisumichan had first decided to debut the cosplay. In the process of making the cosplay, she explained how the tail "needed to be broad and hold its flattened shape but not so stiff that it would hurt Chamois’ real tail. The first attempts at making the tail didn’t go well — it would slide off and hang to the side or was so rigid it just stuck out straight. The headpiece with the horns was also hard to keep secured."

Despite saying how this was her most difficult cosplay to build, the hard work certainly paid off. Congoers at Stocktoncon flocked to see the flying bison-dog.

"His cosplay was definitely popular!" Chibisumichan said. "So many ATLA fans wanted to take pictures with him and pet him. He was loving all the attention!"

It's no wonder so many people wanted to see Chamois' Appa cosplay, because he certainly was a star of the show. His owner told Cosplay Central that she thought it was "such a cute way to bring fiction to life. It’s everyone’s favorite lovable sky bison, ready for cuddles and belly scratches in real life!"

When asked if Chamois was going to get any new cosplays for the future, Chibisumichan was excited to share her future projects. "I’m working on a cosplay for him based on Legend of Korra - Naga shouldn’t be such a stretch for him since he already looks like a polar bear dog! The other cosplay in the works is Akamaru from Naruto."

We are really excited to see Chamois as Naga! He certainly has the look down for sure, and it'd be cool to see which character from Legend of Korra Chibisumichan cosplays with him!

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