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This Pokemon Cosplay Of Team Rocket's Jessie Is Absolutely Perfect

Kinpatsu Cosplay created a Jessie cosplay and she is certainly prepared for trouble.

Jessie Cosplay Team Rocket Pokemon
Courtesy Kinpatsu Cosplay & Nintendo's Pokemon

With Pokémon celebrating it's 25th anniversary this year, we expect to be seeing much more Pokémon cosplays in the near future. One such cosplayer, known online as Kinpatsu Cosplay, spent the last month creating a Jessie cosplay from Team Rocket and it looks like the iconic character was just launched into the real world.

Kinpatsu first started with the clothing by tracing out patterns for the gloves, boot covers, skirt, and crop top Jessie wears in the franchise. Once the clothing was stitched together (complete with the iconic R for Team Rocket on the top), Kinpatsu went to work on the wig.

Jessie's hair is certainly one of the biggest challenges of the entire cosplay, since it is one big hair loop that stretches out behind her. Kinpatsu started this process by creating a foam base of the wig to get the correct shape. Once she had the shape, she took her wig and wefts for the cosplay and painted them with RIT synthetic dye.

For the top of the wig, Kinpatsu used Copic markers (which are alcohol-based) and dyed the front of the wig so it wouldn't damage any of the lace. This was also useful in blending the colors of the wig together.

The hardest part of the wig for Kinpatsu was adding the wig and wefts to the entire thing so that it looked like her hair from the show. Using the foam base, Kinpatsu and her partner Eric added batting to the foam before adding the wefts one by one to the base with hot glue and lots of hairspray. Once she added the main wig onto the base, Jessie's hair was complete.

Kinpatsu Cosplay published the completed cosplay on her social media, which quickly went viral. On Instagram her post garnered over 44,000 likes, as well as almost 4,000 likes and retweets on Twitter and 12,000 likes on Facebook.

For those who are wanting to also cosplay Jessie like Kinpatsu, you don't have to worry. Not only has she been documenting her process along the way, but she also has a full PDF on her website that includes the entire cosplay tutorial and patterns for this cosplay.

We have to say that Kinpatsu Cosplay absolutely nailed this look of Jessie. Once can only hope that her partner Eric will end up cosplaying as James and maybe using one of their cats as Meowth to have the entire Team Rocket.

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