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Jack Black Creates Hilarious Video In Spider-Man Cosplay

The School of Rock actor wore a Spider-Man suit in a viral video and it's amazing.

Jack Black as Spider-Man seen in his newest YouTube video.
Jack Black as Spider-Man seen in his newest YouTube video.

If there's one thing we didn't know we needed in 2020, it's Jack Black dancing in a Spider-Man cosplay.

The School of Rock and Nacho Libre star took to Instagram and TikTok to promote a new episode on his YouTube channel. His channel, known as Jablinski Games, came out with a new episode about the new Xbox and PS5 trying which one he thought was better. He also ends up playing the new Spider-Man game on the PS5 to test it out. But before he officially starts playing, he created a full video of him in his Spider-Man suit.

The video on Instagram has gained over 670,000 likes with notable Marvel actors such as Robert Downey Jr. and Josh Brolin to comment on the video. "It feels so good, doesn't it?" Josh Brolin has commented on Jack Black's video. The comment references the suits that actors wear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Even Spider-Man star Tom Holland himself liked the video, which caught the attention of many fans in the comment section. While he didn't comment, we can only imagine him laughing and probably writing a private message to Jack Black about his portrayal of Spider-Man.

The YouTube video further shows Jack Black in his Spider-Man suit, which he actually wears during his entire playthrough of the new Spider-Man: Miles Morales video game. Honestly we would do the same, as it's the perfect time to wear a Spider-Man suit and really feel immersed in the game.

Who knows if the producers at Marvel were taking notes after they saw the videos. Maybe Jack Black will make a cameo in a future Marvel film, or possibly be given a bigger role. Only time will tell.

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