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AEW's Young Bucks Accidentally Cosplay As Each Other

Both Matt and Nick wore the same jacket in the interview!

AEW's Young Bucks are more than just wrestling superstars and executives, they also have a good handle on cosplay!

Both Matt (left) and Nick (right) describe how cosplay is similar to their costumes they wear in the arena. Their normal wrestling costumes consist of fringes, bellbottoms, and tassles and they said they were mind blown whenever they see people wanting to dress up as their wrestling personas.

Matt told Cosplay Central if he was ever able to cosplay, he would want to cosplay as Deadpool from Marvel Comics. He had seen a Deadpool cosplayer at C2E2 that he thought looked really cool, which inspired him to cosplay as Deadpoool if he were ever able to.

Nick, on the other hand, has always been a big fan of Michael Keaton's Batman. He said that he likes the look of the full suit with the cowl, suit, and cape from the hit 1989 movie. Matt had also suggested the Michael Keaton look with the turtleneck for Nick, but he would rather do the suit. Maybe Matt just needs to wear the Michael Keaton turtleneck cosplay and Nick with the full Batman suit.

Ironically, both Young Bucks wore the exact same leather jacket for the interview. Matt said that he was the one who had it for four years before Nick, but Nick had said that he never saw Matt wear it. We keep wondering if they were secretly trying to cosplay each other. Who knows.

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